About Us


Thank you for visiting CRUNCH + TOOT.  

My boutique is inspired by all the stylish everyday superwomen out there!  


As a  mother of two young toddlers with a busy corporate career and the proud owner of this boutique, I recognize that women today are busy and challenged in more ways than one. Anything taken off our plates is a win. CRUNCH + TOOT brings you clothing that compliments your busy schedule by taking the guess work out of what to wear. Our styles take you from day to night, office to soccer field and grocery store to a birthday party, effortlessly.  


We are committed to bringing you apparel as multi-faceted as you are . Each style is picked by me with great thought and care to ensure that our clothing is chic yet comfortable, classy yet practical and high quality yet affordable. 


As you browse through our collections you will find a unique selection of pieces from a variety of brands, including a very small collection of our own private label . We will continue to feature new pieces on a regular basis so be sure to visit our site frequently and grab the styles you love while they last.


Oh! and in case you were wondering what the name means, the name actually does not have a meaning. What I will share is that the idea of the name was derived from the phrase “toot your own horn” representing self confidence and self love,  which is reflected in the  styles we carry. Paired with "TOOT" the word “CRUNCH” just had a light, fun and whimsical ring to it so we said why not!


Thank you for shopping at CRUNCH+TOOT and  supporting my small business.